Collection: Moroccan Black Soap

An ancestral soap recipe

Olive paste, commonly referred to as black soap, has been used since ancient times in Morocco. Made with 100% pure argan and olive oils in our Marrakech-based factory, it is both a preparation paste for exfoliation with the kessa glove and a suitable alternative to shower gel. It can be used in the shower or bath, no hammam necessary, and it is also available in natural, unscented form.

To carry out a cleaning or a scrubbing with the black soap for the body at home is possible thanks to the olive paste and the glove kessa. These natural treatments give back to the skin all its softness, without altering it. The bathroom or the hammam, the place of oriental beauty, is an opportunity to take care of your skin by coating your body with this perfumed black soap.

This scented black soap from Morocco has many benefits for the skin as it can help treat certain skin diseases, it exfoliates gently and moisturizes the skin. It can also be convenient to all skin types without drying them.