Collection: Bath

Moroccan bath products for a perfect body

The Moroccan bath has existed for years, Les Sens de Marrakech was inspired by it and offers women the opportunity to discover this ritual with many benefits for the body.

A range of products inspired by the Moroccan bath

The traditional scrub stone for the feet allows to have soft skin, it is used in addition to a shower paste, it soothes the skin of the feet while bringing softness and hydration . This stone will eliminate the horn of the feet and fight against drought. It can be used in the shower or bath with the "Pâte d'olive" by applying it in circular motions before rinsing.

Handmade soap made from aloe vera deep cleanses the skin. For the body we can use in addition to the "Douche Ancestrale" shower gel with orange blossom, it will clean the skin gently.

All these products are part of bath rituals and Moroccan hammam. The rhassoul will clean and purify the skin daily. Moroccan women have adopted it for many years because of its many cosmetic properties.