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Les Sens de Marrakech

Velvet Pouch Home Fragrances 10ml

Velvet Pouch Home Fragrances 10ml

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A velvet pouch for a symphony of scents. With its luxurious and soft feel, this handmade pouch by local artisans in our workshops in Marrakech contains a collection of perfumes to spray with rich and divine notes that awaken your senses, enchant your guests, and transform your interior into a sanctuary of relaxation.

Each perfume bottle is adorned with its handmade trimmings.

  • Orange Blossom 10ml: Like a delicate and sweet treat, savor this delicious indulgence made from orange blossom.
  • Memory of a Tea 10ml: A celebration of flavors where green tea meets the freshness of Moroccan mint.
  • Lotus & Ginger 10ml: Explore a unique blend of lotus and ginger fragrances to experience evenings filled with discoveries and unexpected moments.
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