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Les Sens de Marrakech

Leather - Eau de Parfum

Leather - Eau de Parfum

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A journey through the maze of Marrakech

Fancy an unforgettable wake? Let yourself be seduced by this soft and enveloping leather fused to a disturbing heart of spices.

Harmoniously blending leather with saffron and incense, this racy and bewitching juice leaves an unforgettable trail. 

In one spray, the latter, woody and chypre, evokes Moroccan leather and the whole culture of this hot country.

Top notes: Raspberry, incense
Middle notes: Thyme, saffron, oud
Base notes: Labdanum, vanilla

INGREDIENTS: Alcohol denat., parfum, aqua, d-limonene, methyl-2-octynoate

85% natural ingredients
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